More About Me

Prof Ch Muhammad Ashraf was one of the brands in Pakistan to launch a Book reading website in Pakistan. We wanted to reach a wider audience and make our books widely available through our website. Thus began the journey of building the largest online bookstore in Pakistan.

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Our Vision

We believe that good content can enlighten the mind while empowering the inner soul. Therefore, we established our aim to serve the knowledge seekers by providing the classic to advanced literature on every genre. We pledge to clear the path of every knowledge seeker by helping them in pursuing their passion. If you are a passionate reader, we will help you get your favorite book online.

My Goal is to help people and spread Positivity through my knowledge and experience. My motive behind each of my articles is to give knowledgeable information to Motivate my readers.

What We Do?

Prof Ch Muhammad Ashraf brings together the best of the written word to help readers become their best selves.

Love of reading: We believe in the importance of reading and use our product to make it a meaningful part of our lives.

Community: We care deeply about our customers. Our community is the soul of the product and we work hard to understand and meet their needs.

Taking action and learning: We are problem-solvers that act with urgency. We use both data and intuition to tackle tough challenges and balance priorities, we grow through our mistakes, and often learn by doing.

We are still in our initial days, and we are relentlessly focused on growing more catalogues and constantly improvising customer experience in Pakistan. We trust, you will be by our side always.

We hope that you enjoy our service and help us in spreading the word! Happy reading!